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Insufficient growth and the increasingly complex environment of digital media represent an opportunity for marketing as a strategic tool to support the organic growth of the company.

Based on in-depth analyzes of the company and external factors, we will create a complete marketing strategy enabling differentiation from the competition and support of the company’s organic growth. We will use all available data to gain an in-depth understanding of the customer, which we will then help you transform into the development of new products, services or the business strategy itself ready for implementation.
Brand audit, evaluation and design of brand positioning, brand architecture, communication strategies, strategies of the company’s operation on social networks, setting up the process of evaluating marketing investments. Increase sales efficiency.


    The purpose of this strategy is to define the steps for the effective introduction of the value proposition of the new offer in selected markets to target customers. The creation of a strategy will enable a pragmatic view of the real expectations of customers, market opportunities and operational capacity of the company with regard to the launch of a new offer and the subsequent process leading to the successful implementation of the strategy.
    We will perform an analysis of relevant market segments and their prioritization and analysis of the target customer group.
    We will design the value offer of the product or service so that it corresponds to the target customers and operating capacities of the company, as well as the most suitable distribution strategy and sales channels and the alignment of the brand and product offer with the target market and sales channels.
    Product strategy, analysis of customer path, analysis of customer motivation and evaluation of product portfolio, analysis of customer satisfaction, preferential analysis, strategy of approach to generations Y and Z, diagnostics and design of customer experience, analysis of customer recommendation, Multichannel strategy, evaluation of approach to customer loyalty including analysis benefits of loyalty programs.


Creating a company strategy in the field of digital transformation

We will analyse the current position of the company with regards to the field of business, competitive environment, and other factors.

Subsequently, we will assess the development of digitization and the technological aspect and create a strategy for the company in the field of digital transformation.

Analysis of the feasibility of the company’s strategy in the field of digital transformation.

Regular review of strategy and objectives in regards to technology and market development.