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An international consulting and advisory company that provides audit, tax, legal, business and consulting services.

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We create a clear and unique strategy for achieving your goals and subsequently also to implement it.

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We deal with both private and public organizations in virtually all industries and businesses.


ADFG International Consulting Services FZE is an international consulting and advisory company that provides audit, tax, legal, business and consulting services. It deals with both private and publicorganizations in virtually all industries and businesses.

Our team of transaction experts, consisting of specialists in international trade, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, tax consulting, infrastructure and privatization projects, valuation, and strategy, will help you successfully conduct your organization through the complexities of mergers, acquisitions, investments, divestitures, and financing.


Our prestige and long-term success depend on the credibility, professionalism, and moral integrity of each employee. That is why we have created an ethical framework that includes the relevant directives and rules. At the same time, we strive to create a culture that promotes ethical conduct, integrity, objectivity, and professional competence.
Our Code of Ethics is based on the global purpose of the company and on a system of core shared values. Our Code sets out a common framework for how we should behave, do business and act properly. This includes the need to respond if we encounter a situation that is inconsistent with our Code or our values.
The company’s independence strategy allows us to ensure that business relationships are established and operate without secondary financial interests, without personal or business relationships with our audit clients and their affiliates. All employees are required to attend interactive training and complete a certificate of independence each year.
Our credibility also depends on the integrity of our clients. We work only for companies whose business activities are in accordance with the law and do not violate ethical principles. We have put in place thorough processes to evaluate the potential impact of working with potential and existing clients on our reputation in the market.

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